The Bright Family

I have been looking forward to this family photoshoot for several months now and it was just as amazing as I expected.  Look at this gorgeous family!  To introduce you to this family is much more than to you give you their names but I will….ladies and gentlemen meet “the Brights”.  Jason, Amy, Micah, and Kai.

Family Photography-0711-1

This family right here has had such an impact on our North Charlotte community.  This is a couple who decided to pursue their dream of owning a Crossfit gym, a couple who decided to do what they were passionate about with no salary guarantees and no success guarantee.  Their sacrifice and dedication to create Crossfit Northlake has made such an impact on so many lives, they have given people something to feel a part of.  They absolutely kick our butts every.single.workout and we are typically all “fell out” on the ground after a workout (Amy refers to these WOD’s as the “fun” ones).  We are usually sore the next day but we keep coming back for more because we desire the environment they created, we desire the physical, mental, and emotional benefits we receive, and also the companionship and family we have developed at Crossfit Northlake.  It is a true community that has formed all because of a dream that a husband and wife team had!

I remember a brief conversation I had with Jason about a year ago when he mentioned that he remembered when they first opened their Crossfit gym and he said there were classes where he would sit and wait in the gym by himself with no one showing up……trust me though, that didn’t last long.  This statement was a testament to his and Amy’s dedication to what they believed in, they are now growing so much that they are adding on classes and expanding the gym.  This was something so simple that Jason said but so inspiring at the same time as I could relate being a photographer who had zero photoshoots lined up at the time.  We all have to start with a dream, invest our time and dedication, and eventually we will see incredible results.

Being able to photograph beautiful families with beautiful stories is one of my favorite parts about being a photographer.  In 15 years, Jason and Amy will look at these photos and see their young boys and recall what was going on in their lives at this time.  Reminiscing on their journey and appreciating all the moments that led them along the way.  Being their photographer has allowed me to create a small visual narrative for them and for that I am so thankful.

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Bed Bath and Beyond

Yesterday I did a BBB Rock your Registry Event!  How cool is it that they brought in engaged couples, walked around the store with them and assisted them in creating their registries and then gave out tons of awesome prizes including a Verismo (Starbucks coffee maker) and awesome place settings.  There were a ton of more prizes not to mention the gift bag that people received with gifts in it too.  Wow!  I was kind of wishing I was one of the brides winning these sweet prizes but I also wanted to promote my business 😉  It was a great experience and I definitely met a lot of great people including DJ Crackerjack who is based out of Charlotte, definitely a cool guy and plays great music, he dj’d the whole event. Good luck to the brides and grooms we met!

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